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Creator's Guide


The creator guide is designed to walk you through all the necessary steps for creating a project. Additionally, you will receive a wealth of knowledge on how to build a successful project. We highly recommend r

Before you get started (what every music creator needs to know before starting a project)

Know your audience and how to reach them.  Don't rely on the hope that the Internet will promote your project for you or that it will go viral without putting in the necessary work. Unless you like stress,

Getting Started

If you can think it…you can create it! Your project can be a new piece of music, a live stream, a vinyl pressing of an album, or anything you can share with others. Remember to keep the project focused on a spe

Tell Your Story

It can be difficult to write down in words what you have in your head. We understand! But don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems. Grab a friend or family member and try explaining to them in the simplest terms

Creating Offers

Fans are your most important asset, so make sure you give them something in return that involves them in your journey. Offers can be as simple as a personalized thank you note or as extravagant as a private tou

Setting a Project Funding Target

Your project funding target should be the minimum amount you need to complete your project and fulfill offers. The best way to figure out what your target amount should be is to plan a budget. Make a List Thi

Promoting your Project

Great projects may gain support from the web but most of your projects support will generate from within your community; friends, family and fans. The following tips will guide you through the process of promot

Fan Communication

Updates are the best way to include supporters on your project’s journey. Keep your supporters informed as much as possible by using our update features. You can also contact your supporters directly from your


Once your project is completed, you will need to ship offers to your supporters. Communication is key in making sure the process goes smoothly. This requires planning before your launch. If your offer has opt

More Tips and Suggested Reading

Coming soon: A Sonicly video help series featuring sample projects and examples in which we will walk you through each step of the project creation process.For further questions, please visit our FAQ section.Co