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Creator Questions

Do all projects receive an expert review before launching?

Yes! All Sonicly projects receive a pre-launch expert review by one of our highly skilled project managers. Our customized project building software will help you craft the most effective project.

How Do I Create A Project?

Simply go the For Creators page and click 'Start a Project'. You will receive online step-by-step guidance from there. Please note that you will need a bank account in a supported country in order to start a pr

Are There Fees Involved?

It is free to sign up and to start a project. When your project raises money, Sonicly receives a 5% service fee upon payout. There are additional Stripe credit card processing fees (about 3-5%), and every proje

Is My Money Safe?

Yes! Sonicly does not hold your money and then release it to you at a later date. The support of your fans is intended for you to receive -- that's why we guide you through creating your own Stripe account. All

How Do I Collect My Money?

You direct money to the bank checking account of your choice (in a country supported by Stripe).  During the setup process for your first project, you will see a prompt to set up your Stripe Payments account. 

Can I Delete Or Change An Offer?

Offers can be changed or removed up until the time they are purchased. Once an Offer has been purchased, it cannot be removed or altered in any way.

Can I Change My Project Title?

Once your project is launched, the following information can not be changed: Title; Project Funding Target; Project End Date.

Can I Delete My Project?

If a Project has received any Supporter participation it can not be canceled or deleted. If a Project has not received any Supporter participation it can be "taken down", which does not delete the project but r

Can I Use Google Analytics For My Projects?

Yes! You can enter your Google Analytics account information from the 'Settings' page. To get to the 'Settings' page, simply click on your profile management tab in the upper right hand corner, go to 'My Accoun

How do I set up Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that gives creators the ability to track activity on their projects.Using Google Analytics on your project will provide insights into traffic coming

Can I Get Help With Creating My Project?

Yes! We have a Creator's Guide that will walk you through every step of the project creation process.

Does Sonicly Work the Same Way as ArtistShare Does?

Yes and no.  Before you get started, it's important to understand how ArtistShare and Sonicly are similar and how they are different. Both are project platforms for music creators that allow fans to participate

Do the country and currency of my project have to match my information in Stripe?

Yes.  The currency and country you choose in Stripe will be the currency and country of your project, regardless of the country and currency you select in creating your project.  Once you select your country an

Can I change my email address once I launch a project?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The email address on an account cannot be changed if there is a current live project. You will need to wait until the project is finished in order to make the change.

I received an invitation. How do I start a project?

First off, thanks for choosing Sonicly and for sharing some details about your upcoming project!If you you submitted a Sonicly Project Invitation form and received an email inviting you to be one of the first m

How do I get an invitation to start a Sonicly project?

Sonicly is currently in invite-only beta.  However, requesting an invitation is easy.  Simply go to the Sonicly home page and click the 'Need an invitation?' button.  Or go directly to the Sonicly Project Invit

Can I run multiple projects at the same time?

While there is nothing that technically prevents you from running multiple Sonicly projects simultaneously, it is generally not recommended unless there is a very good reason to do so.  Running multiple project

How does the private feed work?

With the Private Sonicly Feed you can post private messages and video links for your supporters on the Sonicly website. Supporters will be notified when you make new posts and will be given exclusive access to